Teachers cutting off sacred threads on Hindu children’s wrists in a Delhi school suspended after protests

Teacher Anup (left), Ravi (right) (Credit : OpIndia)

New Delhi – In ‘Vanasthali Public School’, in Mayur Vihar area of New Delhi, an incident has come to notice, in which sacred threads on the wrists of Hindu students were cut and 9 students were suspended for raising the slogans of ‘Jai Shriram’. In this case, the suspension of the students was withdrawn after Hindu organisations protested outside the school.

The students said that the school teacher Anoop Rawat had cut the sacred threads on the wrists of the students. They added that the teacher, Ravi had removed the  poster of Shriram. The teacher Ritu had also punished the students. Videos of some students giving information regarding the incidents are going viral on social media. All the above three teachers have been suspended after the protests by Hindu organisations. One of them, Ritu, is a Christian. The director of this school is Rohit Jain and the principal is Anuradha Jain. This school started in 2002.

Editorial Viewpoint

A law should be made to severely punish those who misbehave like this; only then such incidents can be prevented.

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