The Power Doctrine

Mr Durgesh Parulkar

History is the biggest court in the world ! History has always ruled in favour of powerful Nations or individuals. History has never judged according to justice, morality and truth. India’s territorial boundaries would never have been reduced if history had judged according to justice, morality, and truth. No one has ever been attacked by India. No one’s life values have been destroyed by India. Also, no places of worship or Scriptures were destroyed.

Although India has always stood for justice, morality and truth, it has never benefited from them. India never tried to destroy anyone’s life values. It also never destroyed Holy places and scriptures of others. India always stood by justice, morality and truth. Still it was of no use. Despite being a powerful country, India has never used its strength to indulge in extreme non-violence. However, history has always favoured the powerful.

Those who valued thought over action and justice over power never got justice in the court of history. Justice cannot and will never be received without a Nation becoming powerful. It is important to note that this is the doctrine of power stated by the court of history.

– Mr Durgesh Jaywant Parulkar, Devout Hindu Lecturer and Author, Dombivli. (6.3.2023)