Encroachment of Muslims on Durgadi Fort in Kalyan finds support from Police and Municipal Corporation !

  • Collector’s order to demolish the encroachment remains disregarded !
  • Instead of removing the encroachment, the Police threaten those who demand its removal !

Illegal mosque built on fort land

Thane (Maharashtra) – The Collectorate of Thane has issued a stern order to demolish the encroachments made by Muslims on the Durgadi Fort in Kalyan. Kalyan-Dombivli Municipal Corporation and senior Police officials are supporting this unauthorised construction instead of taking any action on it. Instead of taking action to remove the encroachment, the Police are threatening those who are demanding its removal. (It is infuriating to have such Police officials in Chhatrapati Shivaji’s Maharashtra, who are harassing fort-activists ! – Editor)

On 23 December 2022, an order has been given by Thane Collectorate to the Commissioner of Kalyan-Dombivali Municipal Corporation, the Deputy Commissioner of Police, and the Tehsildar of Kalyan that the encroachments made by Muslims on Durgadi Fort should be removed. A copy of this order has also been obtained by the daily Sanatan Prabhat. This letter states that the ownership of the Durgadi fort is vested in the descendants and heirs of the Satvahan kings. Therefore, clear instructions have been given that the encroachment of Muslims there should be removed; however, even after 4 months, the Police and administration have failed to take action against this encroachment. Muslims claim that the wall behind the temple of Shri Durgadevi at the back of the Durgadi fort is Idgah. For the past few years, namaz is being offered at this place twice a year on the day of Eid.

A copy of this order has also been obtained by the daily Sanatan Prabhat

Trespassers are permitted to enter, while the owner is prohibited !

On the day of Eid, namaz is offered at the so-called Eidgah, which is an illegal structure. On one hand, the Collector has ordered the demolition of this unauthorised structure, but the Police and the administration do not show the courage to stop the namaz. Ironically, Hindus are prohibited from entering the fort on the day of namaz. The Police protect the encroachment, while the descendants of the Satvahan king who owns the place are prohibited from entering. In this way, the Police and the administration are disregarding the laws in order to appease the Muslims.

First the encroachment, now claiming ownership of the temple !

Temple on the fort land

The Muslims, who claim that the Eidgah predates the temple, have also laid their claim on ownership of the historic Durga Devi temple on this fort. Some local Muslims of Kalyan had claimed in the District Sessions Court of Kalyan that the temple of Shri Durgadevi was originally a ‘Mailis-e-Mushwareen Masjid’. There is a demand that the case be transferred to the Waqf Board. The District Sessions Court has rejected this demand.

Encroachment is being given Police protection !

Instead of demolishing this encroachment, despite the Collector’s order, this encroachment has been given 24-hour protection by the State Reserve Police Force. Half of the Durgadi fort is barred in order to protect this encroachment; however, the Police, administration, and Government are not ready to demolish the encroachment.

Programmes are being denied permission by the Police ! : Suyash Shirkesatvahan, the descendant of Satvahan king and complainant

‘Kalyan Port and Durgadi Fort were built by the Hindu Kshatriya Maratha Satvahan kings over a thousand years ago. As the hereditary descendants of the Satvahan kings, we have the right of ownership of this fort. Therefore, we have lodged a complaint with the Collector to demolish the encroachment on the fort. Even though the Collector has ordered the demolition of the encroachment, the Police are putting pressure on us. The Police prohibit holding any programme at the fort on the occasion of the festival’, Mr Suyash Shirkesatvahan, the descendant of the Satvahan king, said while talking to the correspondent of the daily Sanatan Prabhat.

Editorial Viewpoint

Aren’t the Police and the concerned officials of the municipal corporation, who are promoting ‘Land Jihad’ without taking any action against the encroachment of the Muslims, acting like anti-nationals ? They should be dismissed and put behind bars !

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