Atiq and Ashraf were killed by Hindu extremists in police presence : Bahrain Parliament

Islamic country Bahrain’s parliament discusses Atiq and Ashraf murder

New Delhi – The murder of UP’s notorious gangster Atiq Ahmed and his brother Ashraf was discussed in the parliament of Bahrain, a Gulf country. Ahmed Qarata, an MP said, “Atiq Ahmed and his brother were in Police custody. They were killed by Hindu extremists in the presence of the Police. This incident is condemnable. We treat Indians with respect in Bahrain and other Gulf countries but on the other hand what is happening in India to Muslims is unacceptable. A decision should be taken to stop the persecution of Muslims.”

Another MP told Parliament, “Atiq Ahmed had complained about a month ago that his life was in danger from the Police. Now we saw him being assassinated in Police presence. When it comes to Muslims, we are seeing these scenarios repeat themselves. Many videos show Muslims being killed.” He alleged that the Police is supporting those who destroy mosques and attack the weak.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • The Indian Government should reprimand Bahrain that it should not poke its nose in India’s internal affairs !
  • Has Bahrain ever opened its mouth about the genocide of Hindus in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh ? When Hindus were killed in Kashmir and forced to flee, did they ever protest ?
  • Atiq and his brother were notorious gangsters. They had killed some Hindus. This shows the mentality of Bahrain that favours such gangsters.

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