Banners displayed in support of gangsters Atiq Ahmed and Ashraf at Majalgaon (Beed)

  • Atiq and Ashraf portrayed as ‘martyrs’
  • Banners removed by the Police; 3 radical Muslims arrested, one wanted !

Majalgaon (Dist. Beed, Mahashivaratra) – Infamous gangsters of Uttar Pradesh, Atiq Ahmed and his brother Ashraf Ahmed were shot dead on 15th April. Banners supporting these 2 gangsters and portraying them as ‘martyrs’ were displayed in a chowk at Majalgaon.

The message on the banner also condemned the killing of these gangsters. The Police acted immediately upon receiving information and removed the banners. The Police said, the banner was displayed by a friend circle called ‘Mohsin Bhaiya Mitra Mandal’. 3 individuals have been arrested in this matter, whereas Mohsin Patel is still wanted by the Police.

(Credit : Aaj Tak)

Editorial viewpoint

The incident proves that such people do not fear the Police or the law ! Those who dare to display the banners of gangsters must be thoroughly investigated and strict action must be taken against them.

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