Terrorist organisations involved in setting train passengers ablaze on a running train in Kerala : Findings of NIA and IB  

Main accused Shahrukh Saifi was arrested in Ratnagiri

(Right side) Accused Shahrukh Saifi

Ratnagiri (Maharashtra) –  National Investigation Agency (NIA) and Intelligence Bureau (IB) have come to a conclusion based on their investigations that terrorist organisations were involved in trying to set passengers in a running train on fire by setting off explosives in Kerala. Shahrukh Saifi, an accused arrested in this connection, is being interrogated. Three persons died and nine were injured in the attack. Maharashtra anti-terrorist squad (ATS) and NIA took Shahrukh Saifi in custody with the help of Ratnagiri Police in Ratnagiri Police station at 11.30 p.m. on the 4th of April 2023, and he was handed over to Kerala’s ATS.

1. Shahrukh Saifi, the main accused, is from Shaheen Baug of Delhi as per the information given by the Police. He is reported to have changed his lifestyle last June when he quit smoking and started spending more time in ‘namaz’.

2. He is a YouTuber by profession. The Police suspect that despite a very small number of subscribers to his channel, Saifi is thought to have been approached by radicals because of his social media activity.

3. Shahrukh claimed that he carried out the attack by himself; still, it is suspected that there must have been a few people associated with him.

4. His relatives claimed that Shahrukh was never a very religious person. It is, however, being investigated why he disappeared from Kerala and boarded that train.

Editorial viewpoint

It shows that terrorists are using different modus operandi for anti-social activities. It is, therefore, necessary to eliminate terrorist organisations !

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