Hindu community of Pakistan’s Sindh Province denied water !

Hindus driven out of their villages !

Shelter of village Hindus in the police station area

Tharparkar (Pakistan) – In a shocking incident in Sindh’s Tharparkar District, members of the Hindu Meghwar community in Chapar Khoso village, Dhali Taluka were first denied access to water and later evicted from the village by local Muslims Raju Khoso, Sikandar Khoso, and others. This cruel eviction forced the Meghwar Hindus, including women & children, to seek refuge under the open sky outside the Police station. They reached out to the authorities to file a First Information Report (FIR), but unfortunately, their request was not granted, leaving them in a state of despair.

Tharparkar District borders India; it is drought-prone and has the highest Hindu population in Pakistan. It also has the lowest human development index of all Districts of Sindh, largely due to the neglect of the minority Hindu population. Most Hindus are from Bheel, Meghwar, Kolhi, Jogi, and other marginalised communities. Their life is miserable because of the lack of good governance in this desert area. Human rights violations like land grabbing, bonded labour, abduction & conversion of young girls, and suicide of youth due to lack of employment are common here.

Editorial viewpoint

Hindus are unsafe in Pakistan ! The International Human Rights Commission cries itself hoarse about the alleged violation of the rights of the minorities in India. Can they not see Pakistan’s inhuman behaviour of denying to supply water to the Hindus living there ? Or are they conveniently ignoring this violation of the fundamental rights of the Pakistani Hindus ? India should also strongly take up this matter with Pakistan and these agencies !