136% Salary hike for Delhi CM and 67% for his MLAs

(Image credit : India Posts English)

Delhi – The salaries of MLAs in the Delhi Legislative Assembly have recently been increased by 67% after 12 years. Earlier they were getting Rs 54,000 per month, now they will get Rs 90,000.

Along with this, the salary and allowances of the Chief Minister, Ministers, Speaker, Deputy Speaker have been increased by 136%. They were earlier receiving Rs 72,000 per month, now they will get Rs 1.70 lakh.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • Have you ever heard of such a huge hike in the salaries of Government employees or Public Sector Undertakings ?
  • Even after this hike, how much work will these MLAs do ? Who will review their performance and contribution towards the welfare of people and the Nation ? If ordinary employees do not work, they are questioned, but who will question these MLAs ?