Bhagwan Keshav Maharaj’s Idol brought to the Court for the hearing !

Mathura (UP) – The Idol of Bhagwan Keshav Maharaj was brought to the Court during the hearing of the Shrikrushna Janmabhoomi case. The hearing for this case was held on the 23rd of January. Earlier the Court had cited that plaintiff no. 6, that is, Bhagwan Keshav Maharaj was not physically present for the hearing. Against this backdrop, all the plaintiffs, in this case, attended the hearing on February 6th with the Idol of Bhagwan Keshav Maharaj. This time however the Court said, “We have accepted that Bhagwan Keshav Maharaj himself has come to the Court. Hence, there is no need to bring them to the next hearing”. The next hearing of this case will be held on 13th February.

(Courtesy : New Bharat)

The Shrikrushna temple built in the birthplace of Bhagwan Krushna was demolished and an Eidgah Mosque was built. The area on which the Mosque is currently standing was earlier used to be a prison of Kansa. This is where Bhagwan Krushna was born. But in the year 1669 – 70, the Mughal invader Aurangzeb demolished the temple and built a mosque there.