Pakistan is running terrorist centres and camps !

India’s Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar

Vienna (Austria) – “Pakistan is the country which attacked the Parliament of our country. This is the country that attacked our Mumbai. This is the country that went after hotels and foreign tourists, which every day sends terrorists across the border. It is running an epicenter of terrorism and camps. If you (Pakistan) control your sovereign space, which I believe they do. If terrorist camps operate in broad daylight with recruitment and financing, can you really tell me that Pakistan doesn’t know this ?” said Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar. He made the above statements while addressing the questions asked to him about Pakistan in an interview in a popular program on the Austrian channel ORF. “They are being trained in military-level, combat tactics”, he added. He further said that terrorism is one of the biggest problems faced by the world. No one should overlook it considering it to be another nation’s internal issue, he pointed indirectly to the European countries.

Straight response by Jaishankar to the questions raised by a journalist in Pakistan’s favour !

1. Jaishankar was asked if it was appropriate to address Pakistan as an epicenter of terrorism. (Can we conclude from this that the European social media has sympathy for Pakistan ? – Editor)

2. Jaishankar replied, “I am a foreign strategy expert, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t speak the truth. I could have used a more bitter word for Pakistan instead of the terrorist epicenter. This word isn’t enough to describe the current situation faced by India. Besides this, Jaishankar also questioned how it is possible Pakistan does not know terrorist camps are running in its sovereign space in broad daylight. He added these terrorists are being trained in military-level combat tactics.

China broke all the contracts and tried to change the situation, hence, the tensions with China still continue ! – Jaishankar

China broke the contract with India and tried to change the situation on the Line of Control one-sided. Hence, tensions with China still continue.

Jaishankar said that this is the age of satellites. Hence, the activities on the LoC can be easily known through photographs. One can’t ignore these photographs. We had a contract with China not to deploy a large number of soldiers on the LoC but China didn’t follow it. Hence, there is tension between the two countries. If you see the photographs, you will know who sent the army to the LoC first.

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