Khalistanis in Australia spread misinformation that Hindu Brahmins burned Sikhs !

Melbourne (Australia) – After spreading anti-India and anti-Hindu propaganda in countries like Canada and Britain, Khalistani terrorists have launched a disinformation campaign against Hindus in Australia. Recently, Khalistanis held a march in Melbourne, Australia. In this march, it was written on one of the vehicles, ‘60 Sikhs, indigenous people burnt alive by Brahmin-Hindu mobs in 1984’. Pictures of this have been going viral on social media. The participants in the march are seen carrying the flag of Khalistan. Twitter account ‘Australia Hindu Media’ has given detailed information about this. Australia Hindu Media has asked that if this march was peaceful, why did its organisers hide their identity ? Following this march, Hindus have expressed their reactions on social media. A Twitter user recalled that ‘Khalistanis had killed 20,000 Hindus in Punjab’.

Khalistani activities on the rise in Australia !

The separatist Khalistani have become active in Australia. Khalistani flags, t-shirts and booklets were distributed during a kirtan held at a gurudwara in Victoria city a few days ago. Gurpatwantsingh Pannu, the leader of Khalistani terrorist organisation ‘Sikhs for Justice’, had called for a referendum in Australia for an independent Khalistan. After that, marches for independent Khalistan were held in many places in Australia.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • If the Khalistani activities in Australia have increased after Britain, Canada and the US, it is definitely dangerous for India !
  • Besides Jihadi terrorists, now Khalistani terrorists are also targeting Hindus. Owing to this, what steps will the Government of India take to act against them ?
  • Jihadi terrorists, Naxalites, Khalistanis try to divide Hindus by targeting Brahmins. There is no alternative but an effective Hindu organisation to thwart their plan !

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