Patna High Court Judge makes fun of reservation !

A video viral on social media

Patna (Bihar) – A video of the High Court Judge in Patna has become viral on social media. In this video, he is making fun of a Government employee regarding the reservation.

1. The Court had asked the District Land Acquisition Officer of the Bihar Government named Arvind Kumar Bharti to explain how he released land acquisition compensation to a party while a partition suit was pending. After that, the hearing was put on hold and he was given time to submit his promissory note.

2. After adjourning the case to grant time to the parties to file their affidavits, Justice Kumar asked the officer in Hindi, “Bhartiji, you got a job through reservation ?” On that Bharati said, “Yes”.

3. After the officer left the Courtroom, some lawyers in the courtroom started laughing. “Now your lordship will understand the matter”, a lawyer commented.

4. Another lawyer commented, “He must have made wealth worth two jobs.” On this, the Judge said, “No, no, nothing will happen to these people. The poor fellow, whatever he might have earned, he might have finished it.”

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