Australia : Inspection of Visas of foreign nationals to prohibit Khalistani activities

Canberra (Australia) – The Australian Government has taken strict action against Khalistani involved in anti-India activities. In Australia, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will attend a meeting of leaders of the Quad (an organisation that consists of India, America, Japan, and Australia). Canberra, Australia’s capital, hosted a meeting in this regard. Currently, the Government is scrutinizing the visas of all foreigners who want to hold a referendum against India in order to make Khalistan.

1. Khalistanis hoisted their flags at an Indian community event in Melbourne on 19th November. The local Government funded this programme. In response, Indian officials present in Australia demanded that the Government conduct a thorough investigation.

2. Officials expressed concern about the anti-India campaign waged by foreign elements in Australia ”.

3. The Australian Foreign Minister Penny Wong and the Minister for Home Affairs Claire O’Neill were also told by Australian officials that they respect people’s freedom of expression, but now something seems to be going wrong.