Old video of ‘Khan Sir’ from Patna (Bihar) goes viral again !

  • Explains difference between flying a plane by Suresh and by Abdul !
  • Congress demands action against Khan
Khan Sir

Patna (Bihar) –  Khan Sir is a famous teacher, who runs a coaching class here. His old video has been again made viral on social media. In this video, he is teaching ‘dwandwa samaas (wherein both the nouns are important)’ to students and explaining it through an example through a sentence, he says how the use of names like Suresh and Abdul changes the meaning of the sentence. Congress has, however, raised objection to it and demanded action against Khan Sir.

1. Khan Sir is giving a sentence as an example that says ‘Suresh ne Vimaan Udaayaa (Suresh flies a plane) and when Suresh is replaced by Abdul, the meaning of the sentence ‘Abdul ne Vimaan Udaayaa (Abdul flies a plane)’ changes, and it means Abdul blasted a plane.

2. Congress leader Supriya Srinate has demanded Khan Sir’s arrest while raising an objection to his sentence. She has also remarked that the people who are seen laughing in this video at his explanation, need to think about it.

3. On the other hand, many people have supported Khan Sir, saying that his statement was ironic and only a portion of the video was being shared.

Editorial viewpoint

Congress will say anything about what Khan Sir is trying to say, but it will always be the leading party to call Hindus ‘saffron’ terrorists !