Not a single Muslim citizen in Vatican City, Greenland, Monaco

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New Delhi – In many Countries around the world, Islam is the predominant religion. The largest Muslim population in the world is found in Indonesia (more than 23.10 crores), followed by Pakistan (more than 21 crores) and India (more than 20 crores). While India has a democratic constitution, Indonesia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Maldives are Islamic Countries. However, Vatican City, the birthplace of Christianity, does not have a single Muslim living there. Around 800 people live in this Country. Other than the Vatican, there are 47 Countries in the world where no Muslims live, according to the World Population Review. Tokelau, Niue, Falkland Islands, Cook Islands, Greenland, Solomon Islands, and Monaco are among these Countries.

Where is the highest proportion of Muslims ?

According to the World Population Review website, the Islamic Republic of Mauritania is a Country in Africa. It has a 99.9% Muslim population. Furthermore, Somalia (99.8%), Tunisia (99.8%), Afghanistan (99.7%), Algeria (99.7%), Iran (99.4%), Yemen (99.2%), Morocco (99%) and Niger (98.3%) are the Countries with the highest proportion of Muslims. According to this list, Pakistan ranks 23rd and 96.5% of its population is Muslim.

Which Countries do not have mosque ?

1. Slovakia : About 5,000 Muslims live in this European Country. A few years ago, the Country broke away from Czechoslovakia. There have been many controversy surrounding the construction of a mosque here. A controversy erupted over the establishment of an Islamic center in Slovakia’s capital in the year 2000. Islam does not have the status of an official religion in Slovakia. In November 2016, Slovakia passed a law ending the status of Islam as an official religion.

2. Estonia : Estonia is another Country without a single mosque. The Muslim population is very small in this Country. There is no mosque here either.

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In contrast to India, these countries do not have secularists. By claiming that the Government is anti-Muslim, they would have created a fuss to establish Muslim settlements.

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