China spying on India by sending a warship to Sri Lanka !

RAW Chief’s meeting with President Wickremesinghe

Colombo (Sri Lanka) – ‘Yuan Wang 5’ the Chinese spy ship is docked for a few days at Sri Lanka’s Trincomalee port. India had vehemently put forth its opposition to this ship coming to Sri Lankan waters. India’s Intelligence Agency RAW has been keeping a close eye on this ship from the time it entered Sri Lankan waters. Recently RAW’s Chief Samant Kumar Goel visited Sri Lanka. He met Sri Lankan President Wickremesinghe and Sagala Ratnanayaka  Senior Advisor to the President on National Security and discussed this issue. Information about this meeting has not been made public.

According to sources, India had submitted some papers to Sri Lanka before the arrival of the Chinese Ship in Sri Lanka. In it was mentioned that the Chinese ship was coming to Sri Lanka to spy and gather information about India’s security system. Still, Sri Lanka allowed the ship entry succumbing to Chinese pressure.

Editorial viewpoint

China got Sri Lanka on its side by giving them a loan. Hence, Sri Lanka will do what China wants. Keeping this in mind, it is necessary that India should not spend time talking to Sri Lanka, instead take an aggressive policy against China !

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