Muslim youth gang-raped Hindu girl in Bareilly (UP)

  • Muslim girls lured Hindu girl into love jihad by befriending her
  • Forced conversion and marriage

Bareilly (UP) – Two Muslim girls befriended a Hindu girl and lured her into love jihad. These girls forced some Muslim youths to rape victim. At home, the victim operated a beauty parlour. The victim was frequently visited by Tarannum and Shabana. Both invited the victim to their house one day and Akleem Qureshi raped her while his sister filmed it.

Additionally, the accused threatened to broadcast video and forced the victim to eat beef against her will and convert to Islam by marriage with Akleem.  Akleem sexually abused the victim by injecting drugs. The victim was taken to Ajmer, Prayag, Kashi, Akbarpur, and Bihar after the marriage. The victim was raped there by Akaleem’s brother Shadal and Visal. She was beaten when she resisted. The victim was able to free herself from the accused on 23rd November 2022. She then collected money by begging and returned to Bareilly from Agra. There she lodged a Police complaint against the accused. Following a complaint by a 21-year-old, the Police have registered a case against 6 persons namely Akleem Qureshi, Shadal, Visal, Tarannum, Shahana and Gazala.

Editorial viewpoint

Despite the lives of hundreds of Hindu girls and women getting ruined daily due to Love Jihad, the Government system is not doing anything. Hence, recognise the inevitability of the establishment of Hindu Rashtra for the protection of Hindu women and young girls.

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