Pastor arrested for forcing Hindus to convert in Fatehpur (Uttar Pradesh) 

Pastor Vijay Masih in center

Fatehpur (UP) – Conversion of Hindus at Hariharganj Church in Fatehpur District has again come to the fore. Vijay Masih, the pastor of this church, secretly converted poor Hindus. After receiving this information, the Police raided the church and arrested Vijay Masih. In addition, Police seized four Aadhaar cards with different names and addresses from him. According to the Police investigation, Pastor Vijay Masih confessed to converting.

Chief Officer Veer Singh said Pastor Vijay Masih was arrested and sent to jail two and a half months ago for brainwashing poor Hindus into conversion. This group of converts still includes some Christians. They will also be arrested and sent to prison soon. This is not the first incident of conversion in Fatehpur’s Hariharganj Church. A case of Hindu conversion by luring was reported on 15th April 2022. In response, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad protested, stating that these churches force Hindus into Christianity. After that, the Police arrested 26 people including one person, and sent them to jail.

Editorial viewpoints

  • Understand the cunning Christians who converted Hindus due to their poverty. 
  • When there is BJP Government in Uttar Pradesh, Hindus do not expect incidents of conversion to occur. It is the Government’s responsibility to take strict measures to prevent these types of conversions and ban them.
  • The most effective way to prevent Hindus from converting is to increase their self-respect by learning about Dharma.

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