After opposing attempts to rape, Naushad kills a minor Hindu girl by breaking her bones !

Baliya (Uttar Pradesh) – On October 14th 2022, a murder accused called Naushad tried to rape a minor Hindu girl. When the girl resisted, Naushad strangled her, brutally beat her up, broke her bones and severed her wrists. Further, the Police also informed that he had also tried to chop off her legs. The girl was admitted to the hospital in critical condition and finally died on 22nd October. Currently, the Police have arrested Naushad. Family members of the deceased have demanded that Naushad be tortured till he dies.

When the victim’s father came to know about the incident, he said that he used to treat Naushad as his own son. He was allowed to come to their home daily and he lived just 10 meters away from their house.

Editorial viewpoints

  • It is now high time that Hindus unite and make sure such lustful fanatics get the death penalty !
  • O’ Hindus, please remember that developing closeness with these Jihadis comes at a price, the Kashmiri Hindus experienced this in 1990-91. However, from this incident, it is clear that the mindset of the Hindus has still not changed.

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