Andhra Pradesh Govt’s decision to appoint an Executive Officer at the Ahobilam Temple Muth cancelled

A big blow to the anti-Hindu YSR Government by the Andhra Pradesh High Court

Kurnool (Andhra Pradesh) – The Andhra Pradesh High Court cancelled Andhra Pradesh’s YSR Congress Government order of appointing a Government Executive Officer to the Ahobilam Temple in the State. The Court said that the order is an infringement of the Constitution, and ordered that the Government should not interfere in the Temple Administration.

1. Ahobilam Mutt is in Tamil Nadu, while its temple is in Kurnool Andhra Pradesh. The State Government appointed an Executive officer for its security and administration. The High Court opined that ‘this appointment is a violation of article 26(d) of the Constitution and interference with the powers of the Muth Adhipati. The temple is an integral part of the Muth’.

2. The Court refused to accept that the temple and Muth are separate entities. The Court said the fact that the Muth is in Tamil Nadu, and Temple is in Andhra Pradesh, so to say that the temple is not connected with the religious rituals which are followed by the Muth, is not correct. Because at one time both places were in the erstwhile State of Madras.

3. The Court added when there is unity in the spiritual, religious, or sect; it is wrong to say that the Muth and Temple locations are far away. If the temple and muth are in geographically different locations, the traditions, heritage, and rituals are the same. Appointing an executive officer and denying the right and authority of the Muth Adhipati cannot be done.

4. The Court said the Muth and temple can be interfered with only when there is mismanagement in the administration or mal-practices or some other important reason.

Editorial viewpoint

It is necessary for the Hindu society to unite and through legal means try to free the Muths and Temples of India from the control of Government interference in its administration.

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