Which specific flower should be offered to a specific Goddess?

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Spiritual Science underlying the act of offering a specific flower to a specific Deity

One prominent objective of worshipping a Deity is that the devotee should derive optimum benefit for his spiritual progress from the chaitanya (Divine consciousness) in the idol of the Deity. Specific flowers have better ability to attract the subtlest particles of a specific Deity’s principle. Naturally, when these flowers are offered to the Deity during worship, they help awaken the idol and the devotee benefits from the chaitanya in the idol. Hence, the importance of offering specific flowers to specific Deities. Accordingly, which flowers should be offered to which Deity is given in the table here.

Shri Durga


Shri Lakshmi


Shri Saptashrungi


Shri Sharada


Shri Yogeshwari


Shri Renuka



Shri Vaishnodevi

Tube rose


Shri Vindhyavasini



Shri Bhavani


Shri Amba



In reality it is the specific fragrance from the flower that attracts the Deity’s principle. The same benefit can be obtained by using incense sticks of the same fragrance. – (Pujya) Mrs Anjali Gadgil

Significance of bhav (spiritual emotion)

1. When a devotee fully understands the science underlying various actions which are a part of ritualistic worship, he is able to perform them with required concentration. Such an effort awakens bhav (spiritual emotion).

 2. A mother-child relationship begins to evolve with the Goddess. Such bhav, helps attain oneness with the ‘Shakti’ Principle. The bliss derived at this point is unparalled; it makes him forget his own identity, one that is beyond description. While worshipping the Goddess with such intense bhav, the worshipper does not even realise when he crosses the barrier of duality to enter the state of non-duality. He then becomes recipient of Divine Grace. Blessings showered upon him as a result of this Grace, fulfill the motive of his human birth.

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