Puja pandal to be constructed on the lines of ‘Vatican City’ in Kolkata on the occasion of Shri Durga Puja

Kolkata – Durga Puja festive arrangements have been started in Bengal. The Navratri festival Mandals have started setting up puja pandals. Sree Bhumi Sporting Club, which decorates the pandal on different themes every year, has announced that this year it will decorate the pandal on the lines of the Vatican City. Last year, they built a grand pandal on the lines of Dubai’s Burj Khalifa. It got a huge response from the people. ‘Vatican City’ is a small city in Rome, Italy. It is the main centre of the Roman Catholic Church.

Sree Bhumi Sporting Club is completing 50 years this year. They have chosen the theme ‘Vatican City’ for the decoration on this occasion. State Fire Minister and Trinamool Congress MLA, Sujit Basu, is among the organisers of the Puja Committee of Sree Bhumi Sporting Club.

Editorial Viewpoint

  • Prideless Hindus showcasing the Christian Vatican city as a decoration of the Hindu temple, a place of worship of mandap for Hindu Deities ! There are many ancient shrines of Devi in ​​Bengal itself, if they are showcased, Hindus will at least learn about them !
  • Do other religions ever glorify the shrines of other faith during their own festivals ?

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