A Hindu youth who loved a Christian girl lynched by church activists in Assam

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Lakhimpur (Assam) – An incident of the brutal killing of a Hindu youth who was in love with a Christian girl has come to light from the Koilamari Balijan area of Assam. The body of 23-year-old Hindu youth – Biki Bishal – was found hanging from a tree on 12th September.

Legal Rights Observatory, affiliated with a Hindu Nationalist Organisation, has demanded strict action against the perpetrators of this heinous crime from the Police and local administration.

Biki Bishal and the Christian girl were in love. The Christian girl went to stay at Biki’s house. When the workers of the four Churches in the area got information about this, they gathered outside Biki’s house.

The workers threatened Biki that he will have to face serious consequences of his action. They threw the young girl out of his house and told Biki to convert to Christianity or end the relationship with this young girl.

When Biki refused to convert to Christianity, the Christian workers dragged Biki out of the house, lynched him and hung him from a tree.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • With a BJP Government in Assam, Hindus feel, that such an incident should not happen.
  • An image of Christians as peace lovers has been created in India, but in reality, how they are, is clear from this incident.
  • Whether Muslim or Christian, if Hindu youths love the girls of their religion, they are killed, on the other hand, Muslims trap Hindu girls into the net of love jihad and destroy their lives. The country’s atheists and progressives do not open their mouths about it.
  • An image of Christians as ‘peace lovers’ has been created in India; however, the truth is clear from their act of lynching !

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