‘If you enter the garba pandals, we will break your limbs’, Bajrang Dal warns Muslims

Bajrang Dal Divisional Coordinator Tannu Sharma

Indore (MP) – Navratri festival is set to start in the next few days. Shri Durgadevi will be worshipped by organising grand Garbas across the country. Madhya Pradesh Minister Usha Thakur has made a statement in this regard. She said that those who come to play garba should be allowed to enter the pandal only after checking their identity card. Within a few hours of Usha Thakur’s statement, Bajrang Dal volunteers warned Muslims that they will break the latter’s limbs if they enter the Garba pandal.

1. The Bajrang Dal said that the Muslim community should stay away from Garba pandals because Muslim youths sneak into garba through different ways and then engage in love jihad by luring Hindu girls.

2. Many such incidents have surfaced in the past. Bajrang Dal Divisional Coordinator Tannu Sharma said, ‘If a Muslim youth is seen in the Garba pandal, he will come with two legs, but will leave on four shoulders’.

Bajrang Dal will put up posters in Garba pandals to create awareness about Love Jihad

Tannu Sharma also said, ‘In the coming days, we will put up posters raising awareness about Love Jihad and prohibiting entry to the Muslim youths in all the Garba pandals in Indore. Bajrang Dal volunteers will be deployed for security in the garba pandals in the city during Navratri festival’.

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