The Pakistan administration evicted flood-affected Hindus from the camps

The Pakistani journalist arrested for reporting the incident

Karachi (Pakistan) – Floods in Pakistan have disrupted life there. Pakistan has arrested a journalist named Nasrallah Gaddani for reporting the news about the plight of Hindus caught in the floods in Sindh province. He was in Police custody for five days.

Gaddini had seen the plight of the Bhagri Hindu community in Mirpur Mathelo of Sindh and reported it in a newspaper. Gaddani had said in his report that since the people of the Bhagri community were Hindus, they were evicted from the camp for flood victims by the local administration who said they were not the flood victims. A video in which Hindus of the Bhagri community are telling why the administration evicted them is also circulating on social media.

Editorial viewpoint

While Hindus in Pakistan are sheltering more than 300 flood-affected Muslims in their Temples, the administration is evicting Hindus from the camp. It shows the mentality of Pakistanis. When will Hindus realise that no matter how much milk is fed to the snake, it will spit only venom !