Pakistan Government condemns T Raja Singh and demands action

Vacuous wailing of the enemy again !

Islamabad (Pakistan) – Pakistan condemned suspended BJP MLA T Raja Singh’s alleged derogatory remarks about Prophet Muhammad and demanded action against him.

According to Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry, this is the second instance of BJP leaders insulting the Prophet in the past 3 months. It wailed, “The statements have hurt the religious sentiments of millions of Muslims around the world, not just in Pakistan. It will not be enough to quell the outrage of Muslims around the world if minor action is taken against Raja Singh. The fact that Raja Singh has been released on bail immediately after his arrest is scandalous. Government of India should take immediate and decisive action against him”.

Editorial Viewpoint

  • India should tell Pakistan to pay attention to first stopping the atrocities on Hindus in Pakistan and protect the Hindus there.
  • Pakistan and other Islamic countries immediately reprimand India on any alleged attack on their religion; however, India keeps mum over the atrocities on Hindus in those very countries.

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