Kerala Film Board orders deleting a film scene for depicting facts wrongly ! : Director Ramsimhan

(Right side) Film director Ramasimhan

Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala) – The Film Censor Board of Kerala had in June refused to grant a certificate to ‘Puzza Muttul Puzza Vari’ (From River to River), a film based on the Mopalah massacres in the State. The Director of this film, Ramsimhan (born Ali Akbar) has said about this – “The Board has ordered to delete some scenes in the film, alleging that the facts have been wrongly depicted in my film. Such an order is an attempt to absolve the Muslims who massacred Hindus in the Mopalah riots. The massacre of thousands of Hindus at the hands of Muslims in the year 1910 is called the Mopalah Massacre”.

The Central Board of Film Certification insisted that the Director use his earlier Muslim name instead of the present Hindu name

Ramsimhan added, “Apart from the many cuts, the Censor Board had insisted that I use my earlier Islamic name, Ali Akbar, as the Director of the film. I think they have a problem that a Muslim man converted to Hinduism and is making a film on the Malabar genocide of Hindus perpetrated by Muslims”. Ali Akbar renounced Islam and converted to Hinduism in January this year. He named himself Ramsimhan. Ramasimhan, his brother Dayasimhan, Dayasimhan’s wife Kamala, cook Raju Iyer and others of the family were brutally butchered by Islamist Jihadists in Malaparamba, on 2nd August 1947. This is why Ali Akbar is now Ramsimhan.

Pressure from the Popular Front of India not to release the film

Ramsimhan added, “I was asked to remove some incidents from the film when it was sent to the Central Board of Film Certification after the Kerala Film Board refused to grant it a certificate. I suspect that the Kerala Film Board has put pressure on the Central Board. Also, the Popular Front of India is creating pressure to prevent this film from being released”.

Editorial viewpoint

What else is the Film Board under the Communist-led Government of Kerala expected to do ? History lies bared to the world. Realise how bigoted and anti-Hindu the Kerala Government is, which is struggling to prevent a scene from being shown in a film !

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