Get permission from the Muslim Association to celebrate Ganeshotsav in a Muslim-majority area in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

Chennai – The Madras High Court has allowed the Coimbatore City Police to permit to celebrate Ganeshotsav by installing the Shri Ganesh Idol in a Housing Board Colony with the consent of a local Muslim Association. To instal an Idol of Shri Ganesh in Pullakadu Colony and to celebrate the Chaturthi festival on 31st August, Mahalakshmi filed a petition in the Court, since the Police had denied permission. The Court gave this order to the Police, since many Muslims live in this colony.

In Mahalakshmi’s application to the Police, she mentioned, that people of other religions are also willing to participate in celebrating Ganeshotsav. There is also evidence of Muslims donating food to Hindus in this period. Therefore, she demanded that permission be granted for the celebration.

The Police said that this area is full of Muslims. If Ganeshotsav is celebrated there, a law and order problem may arise. (Why does such a question arise at all ? Will the Police and Muslims answer this ? India is a Hindu-majority country, but such questions do not arise during Eid or Muharram. Will the hypocrite secularists and progressives ever think of this ? – Editor) The Court told the petitioners to take an affidavit from the local Jamat Committee and submit another affidavit to the Police to celebrate Ganeshotsav. The Court also said that a procession should not be taken out.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • Our Constitution gives freedom of religion to all. The HC decision to allow Hindus to celebrate Ganeshotsav with the Jamat’s permission in Muslim-majority areas is a threat to the freedom of religion of Hindus. What would be surprising if someone thinks so ?
  • Will this HC decision not force Hindus to take permission from Muslims to celebrate their festivals in every Muslim-majority part of India ?
  • Then, what would be wrong if Hindus feel that Muslims in Hindu-majority areas should also take permission from Hindus to celebrate their festivals ?
  • Hindus feel that to get justice in this matter, the HC decision should be challenged in the Supreme Court.