Farooq Abdullah walks out of an interview after being asked questions about Kashmiri Hindus

(Left side) Times Now Editor Navika Kumar and National Conference Leader and Former Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah

New Delhi  – In a discussion on the English news channel ‘Times Now’, Farooq Abdullah got irritated and walked out when he was asked about the genocide of Hindus in the Kashmir Valley in 1990. (By avoiding the question you cannot hide the truth. Abdullah will have to answer the questions of Hindus ! – Editor) When Navika Kumar, Group Editor of ‘Times Now’, asked him about Kashmiri Hindus, he immediately fired back, “If you ask about the genocide of Hindus in Kashmir, I will leave the program. You are deliberately picking old wounds. You are taking a biased position by asking me about the genocide of Kashmiri Hindus. You are also asking questions as if you are the representative of the BJP. (Abdullah avoided the question, twisted the narrative and said that if anyone raises his voice about Kashmiri Hindus, he will be immediately called a ‘representative of the BJP’. – Editor) All the Hindus who were forced to leave the Valley were like my own brothers”. (Then, why were they killed – Abdullah should clarify this too. – Editor)

(Credit : TIMES NOW)

During the discussion, when Navika Kumar questioned Abdullah about why Kashmiri Hindus such as Justice Neelkanth Ganju, Tikalal Taploo and journalist Premnath Bhatt were killed during Abdullah’s tenure, he got infuriated and left the discussion. After this discussion went viral on social media, many criticised Abdullah. Aditya Raj Kaul, Executive Editor of TV9 channel and a Kashmiri Hindu, criticised Farooq Abdullah for running away from the discussion. He also alleged that Abdullah ran away in 1990 and left Hindus to die at the hands of Jihadis.

Editorial viewpoint

National Conference leader and former Chief Minister of Jammu & Kashmir Farooq Abdullah has always avoided talking about the Genocide of Kashmiri Hindus. Since the massacre of Hindus took place during his tenure, he should also be held accountable. Such people must be prosecuted and punished.

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