Dharma is more important to me than the party : T. Raja Singh

BJP MLA T. Raja Singh 

Telangana – BJP MLA of Goshamahal Assembly Constituency T Raja Singh was arrested for allegedly insulting the Prophet and later released on bail. He was suspended by the BJP in this case and a show cause notice was issued to him. T Raja Singh said, “I have not said anything wrong. I am an honest soldier in the foot soldiers of Prime Minister Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah; but I think it is more important to protect Dharma than the party”.

I am ready to die for Dharma! – T. Raja Singh

When T Raja Singh was taken to the Police station after being arrested from his house on 23rd August, he said, “I don’t know what the Police will do. When I am free, I will definitely upload the second part of the video. I am doing this for Dharma. I am ready to die for Dharma”.

He added, “When derogatory jokes are made against Hindu Deities, targeting them, no offense is registered. Today, crimes are being registered against me everywhere; but is Shriram not our God ? Is Sita not our Mother ? Today, the devotees in Telangana are asking why protection is being given to certain leaders who disrespect Shriram and Mother Sita ? They get protection which even the Prime Minister does not get. What message does the Government want to give to the people ?”

Religious fanatics become violent after T Raja Singh’s release

After T Raja Singh was granted bail, the fanatics became violent that night. He was threatened with beheading. The Police tried to control the fanatics. Four Policemen were injured in this clash. The fanatics also vandalized Police vehicles. The Police resorted to lathi charge and burst teargas shells.