Ban on Nazi symbols in New South Wales and the Victoria States of Australia

Permission to Hindus, Jains, and Buddhists to use ‘Swastika’

Canberra (Australia) – In the two States of Australia viz. In New South Wales and Victoria, there is a ban on the public display of ‘Hakenkreuz’, the symbol used by Nazis. Display of this symbol in any way is going to be a crime in these two States; however, Hindus, Jains, and Buddhists have been allowed to use their ‘Swastika’ symbol. Nazis’ ‘Hakenkreuz’ is like Hindus’ inverted ‘Swastika’. Many times, therefore, there is a demand to impose a ban on even the use of ‘Swastika’ along with the Nazis’ symbol in other countries. Recently, in February 2022, New Democratic Party’s MP and a pro-Khalistani Jagameet Singh demanded a ban on ‘Swastika’ in the Parliament of Canada.

1. Queensland and Tasmania, the other two States in Australia are also considering the imposition of a ban on the Nazis’ symbols.

2. Earlier, in July 2022, Finland had removed the symbol of the Nazis’ ‘Swastika’ from its Air Forces’ logo.  Bill was presented even in the State of Maryland in the USA for a ban on ‘Swastika’ but Hindu organisations had strongly opposed the same.

3. The Chief Executive Officer Darren Barks of ‘Jew Board of Deputies’ from New South Wales said that ‘Hakenkreuz’ is a symbol of Nazis, depicting violence. The extremist organisations use this symbol for recruiting people into their organisations. In our State, discussions were going on for a long time on the imposition of a ban on this symbol. Now, the offenders will get their due punishment.

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