A video of a man offering namaz in a mall in Meerut (UP) has surfaced : DGP seeks explanation from the Police

Meerut (UP) – While the incident of offering namaz at Lulu Mall in Lucknow is still fresh, another incident of offering namaz in the mall in Meerut has come to light. A video of a young man offering namaz at a mall in Meerut on 24th July went viral on social media. After this video went viral, the DGP of UP sought an answer from the Meerut Police. (People expect the BJP Government of UP to take strict action against religious fanatics who offer namaz in public places. – Editor)

Digvijay Singh, District Convener of BJP’s IT Department, tweeted it, tagging Meerut Police, DGP and Collector. The case is under investigation. Police have launched a search for the person offering namaz in the mall, said the inspector of Nauchandi Police station.

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