Hindu student’s body cut in two-parts found in Madhya Pradesh

Father had received a message saying ‘SarTanSeJuda’ (Head chopped off)’ minutes before the incident

Nishank Rathor

Bhopal – On the evening of 24th July at Raisen district of Madhya Pradesh the body of Nishank Rathor a student of engineering was found cut in two parts – one part was from the waist up and the other part was from the waist down, near the railway track.

  • A few minutes before this incident a message was received on Nishank’s father’s phone, it said ‘Rathor saheb your son was very brave. ‘Gusthak-e-nabi ki ek hi saja sar tan se juda’ (there is only one punishment for insulting the Prophet, head separated from the body). This message was sent from Nishank’s phone. Umashankar Rathor, Nishank’s father said that the DP on Nishank’s WhatsApp and Instagram both displayed ‘Gusthak-e-nabi ki ek hi saja sar tan se juda’. This slogan was first shouted by religious fanatics during the agitation during the Nupur Sharma incident, after the two religious fanatics beheaded Kaniyha lal in Udaipur Rajasthan.
  • The Police said that it was a case of suicide, although it is being said that because of the message received by his father ‘it cannot be a suicide’.
  • Uma Shankar Rathor said, that Nishank cannot commit suicide. He has been killed. He was not of the pro-Hindu bent of mind.
  • 21-year-old Nishank was studying in the third year of an engineering college in Bhopal. He was originally a resident of Narmadapur’s, Siwani-Malwa region of Bhopal.
  • His dead body was found near Badkheda in the Raisen district which is between Bhopal and Siwani – Malwa.
Editorial viewpoint

The possibility that religious fanatics could be behind this incident cannot be denied after receiving the message ‘SarTanSeJuda’ ! This is the indication of how more and more unsafe the majority Hindus are becoming in the country.

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