Bhagat Singh was a terrorist : MP Simranjit Singh Mann

Chandigarh – “Bhagat Singh killed a young British officer, Amritdhari Sikh constable Channan Singh and hurled a bomb at the National Assembly. So, was Bhagat Singh a terrorist or not ? Isn’t it a shame to kill people and throw bombs in the Parliament”, questioned Simranjit Singh Mann, the newly elected MP from Sangrur in Punjab and a leader of Shiromani Akali Dal. When journalists told him that Bhagat Singh fought the British for freedom, he said, it may be your ideology, but whatever it is, Bhagat Singh was a terrorist.

  1. Simranjit Singh Mann further said that the Supreme Court has said you can speak on Khalistan and hold meetings. There is no problem in talking about Khalistan.
  2. Aam Aadmi Party has objected to Mann’s statement. The party termed his statement insulting and shameful, and Cabinet Minister Gurmeet Singh demanded an apology from him.
Editorial Viewpoints

  • Sikh leaders in Punjab who have a Khalistani mindset are now openly speaking like this. This is the warning sign of a severe crisis. The Central Government needs to take immediate action.
  • If someone speaks against political leaders, a case is registered against them immediately and sometimes they are arrested. On the contrary, no action is taken against those who label revolutionaries terrorists. It is a shame for all Governments that have been in power. Representatives of people who despise revolutionaries like this and yet the Government which tolerates it are ungrateful. The people should legally question them.

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