The shopkeepers near the Ajmer Dargah should be opposed for supporting Nupur Sharma

Sarwar Chishti, the secretary of the Ajmer Anjuman Committee, has made a statement that is provocative and instigates the Muslims.

Sarwar Chishti, the secretary of the Ajmer Anjuman Committee

Ajmer (Rajasthan) – The Hindus have their shops near Ajmer’s Moin-Ud-Din Chishti’s dargah. They earn a living from the devotees who come to this Dargah, but on the other side, they support Nupur Sharma and so rub salt into our wounds. We oppose Nupur Sharma but they support her. We cannot bear this fact. We have to oppose them, this provocative statement instigating the Muslims was made by Sarwar Chishti, the Secretary of the Anjuman Committee standing outside the Dargah.

A video of his statement has been posted on social media. He has said, ‘we will agitate against this insult of Paigambar in such a manner that it will shake the country’; this threat is made in that video. The police are investigating this matter. Now Sarvar has explained that Nupur has not been arrested till now. They have a constitutional right to agitate. Prime Minister Modi too, does not speak about this matter.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • The Hindus of Karnataka opposed the Muslims for setting up shops outside their temples, the Muslims went to court and got them to turn back the order. Hindus should note and realise that on one hand we have this fact, on the other the Muslims are showing this kind of opposition to Hindus having shops and businesses near the Dargah.
  • There is little chance that the Rajasthan Government will take any action against Sarwar Chishti who gave a call against the Hindu shopkeepers and businessmen. Hence, the Hindus should also knock on the doors of the Courts against this call.

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