Prime Minister Modi inaugurated Shri Kalikamata Temple at Pavagadh, Gujarat

The flag unfurled at Shri Kalikamata Temple after 500 years

(Left side) Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Pavagadh (Gujarat) – Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the renovated Shri Kalikamata Temple on Pavagadh Hill. On the roof of this temple, the flag was unfurled after 500 years. On the site of the temple, Muslim invaders built a Dargah. This temple was rebuilt by removing the Dargah.

(Credit : Times Of India)

Prime Minister Modi said that this is the first time the flag has been unfurled on the temple roofs after a few centuries. This flag is not only a symbol of our faith and spirituality, but it is a symbol indicating that centuries, the eras change; but peak of faith is eternal.

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