Will stay firm on our demand till Hindu Rashtra is established! – Sunil Ghanwat, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti

Wide publicity for the 10th Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Rashtra Adhiveshan on Konkan’s No. 1 YouTube channel ‘Konkan Now’

Sindhudurg (Maharashtra) – ‘Konkan’s No. 1 YouTube Channel’ ‘Konkan Now’ took note of the tireless efforts of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti for the establishment of the Hindu Rashtra and provided wide publicity to the ’10th Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Rashtra Adhiveshan’ to be held from 12 to 18 June at Ramnath Devasthan, Ramnathi, Ponda, Goa. HJS convener for Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh,  Mr Sunil Ghanwat, was on a tour of Sindhudurg district. Konkan Now interacted with Shri. Ghanwat on various topics such as the Samiti’s mission, the concept of Hindu Rashtra, the direction and goal of the Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Rashtra Adhiveshan over the course of a 40 minute interview. Mr Sunil Ghanwat took on the opponents of Hindu Rashtra and said, “We have been demanding a Hindu Rashtra, we are doing it, and no matter how many objections are raised, we will continue to demand it till Hindu Rashtra is established.”

From left, anchor Komal Patil and Mr Sunil Ghanwat

Hindu Rashtra – a nation of Sattvik people !

In the interview, Mr Ghanwat said that the Hindu Rashtra Adhiveshan started in the year 2012. At that time the issue of Hindu Rashtra was not discussed anywhere; But now the subject is being discussed everywhere. The Hindu Rashtra is a nation of Sattvik people. Only Hindu Dharma offers the all encompassing view that the entire world is my home. Other religions do not have this comprehensive viewpoint. Unlike other sects, Hindu Dharma is not narrow-minded but is a comprehensive religion. World religions like Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism all have their own countries. Israel is an independent Jewish nation; Then why shouldn’t a nation with 100 crore Hindus be declared a Hindu Rashtra? Despite being a Hindu majority, Hindus are being ignored and minorities are being appeased. This is only for the sake of a few votes. How can this ‘secular’ country continue promoting certain religions at the cost of others ? Like Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, we want to establish a Hindu Rashtra that is inclusive. The demand for Hindu Rashtra is constitutional, there is no reason for anyone to oppose it. If all Hindus unite and demand Hindu Rashtra, then politicians will have to take note and declare this nation to be a Hindu Rashtra.

Merely implementing a uniform civil code will not herald the Hindu Rashtra !

When asked about comments such as ‘With the passage of the Uniform Civil Code, Hindu Rashtra will follow’ Shri. Ghanwat said “At present, some states have the Uniform Civil Code. Hindus are law-abiding; However, there are some religions that do not accept the rule of law and do not follow the law. Therefore, I do not think that Hindu Rashtra will be possible only by enacting the Uniform Civil Code. ”

All temples should be free !

Work on Ram Mandir has started, so why not demand the liberation of Gyanvapi Masjid, Mathura, and Kashi? Every time, the issue of religious brotherhood is raised. Then the Indian Muslims should come forth and hand over the temples to the Hindus. There are 40,000 temples in the country that have been encroached upon. Mosques have been built on them. All these temples should be liberated, Shri. Ghanwat said.

Mr Ghanwat also shared the Samiti’s mission at the social, educational, health etc levels.

Mr Sunil Ghanwat thanked the entire group of ‘Konkan Now Channel’ for providing publicity to the Samiti’s mission as well as the Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Rashtra Adhiveshan.

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