A Priest converting Hindus in Azamgarh (UP) arrested

Azamgarh (UP) – The Police have arrested a priest named Moral in the village Kuan for converting Hindus. The Police confiscated religious texts, agreements and religious items from the house of the accused. This conversion had been going on since a long time in Moral’s house in Kuan. With the assistance of the workers of Hindu Jagaran Manch, the Police raided the priest’s house. The Police found a large number of Hindus present there. They were having the Bible in hand and were offering prayer. The Police have arrested some people along with the priest and have registered a crime against them under the Anti-conversion Act. Workers of Hindu Jagaran Manch informed the Police about the conversions initiated at various places.

Editorial viewpoints

  • Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Government should take stringent action against those involved in conversion all over India by passing Anti-conversion Bill at the National level to stop conversions.
  • Only one and very effective remedy to stop Hindus’ conversion is generating pride in Dharma by giving Hindus education on Dharma.


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