Amarnath Yatra is safe so long as pilgrims do not get involved in the Kashmir issue

A letter from a jihadi terrorist organisation before the Amarnath Yatra

Srinagar (J&K) – The Amarnath Yatra begins on 30th June and ends on 11th August. In this context, the Resistance Front, a jihadi terrorist organisation, has issued a threat letter. As stated in the letter, we do not oppose travel as long as pilgrims do not engage in the Kashmir issue. They (the Government) plan to exploit Amarnath Yatra for politically motivated purposes. Registration of 15 thousand to 8 lakh pilgrims and the period of 15 to 80 days are only meant to raise the sensitivity of the situation in Kashmir. We have noticed that this fascist regime is bringing the RSS under the guise of Amarnath Yatra.

The number of pilgrims travelling on the 43-day Amarnath Yatra is expected to rise. There will be large camps at Ramban and Chandanwadi at this time. Against this backdrop, strict security measures will be implemented.

Editorial viewpoint

In Kashmir, how can the terrorists decide what pilgrims should and should not do ? Kashmir is an integral part of India, and all Hindus have a right to discuss it.

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