Judge R K Divakar, who passed the verdict in the Gyanvapi case, expressed concerns over family’s safety

(Left side) Judge Ravi Kumar Divakar

Varanasi (UP) – Judge Ravi Kumar Divakar, who is hearing the Gyanvapi Masjid case in Varanasi, is concerned about the safety of his family. He has also mentioned this in his verdict in this regard.

Judge Ravi Kumar Divakar said,

1. Rarely before has an advocate raised questions about the Commissioner’s action. This is a normal process. An atmosphere of fear is being created, which has led to concerns for the safety of my family.

2. My mother thought I was going to survey the mosque along with the Court Commissioner. She opposed me to go there for safety reasons.

3. The opposing party was not able to cite any concrete reason behind the demand to replace the Court-appointed commissioner Ajay Kumar Mishra for conducting the survey.

The survey could not be conducted earlier due to administrative officers of the District !

Judge Ravi Kumar Divakar said, ‘The reason behind the recent survey not being completed was that the District administration did not show interest. Some officials in the administration are arrogant and conceited. They feel that it is not necessary to comply with a Court order. Such officials also disregard the orders of the High Court.

The Judge of the Gyanvapi case feels intimidated, while the Judge in the Taj Mahal case doesn’t, this shows the difference ! – Aman Chopra, Journalist

In this regard, News 18 journalist Aman Chopra tweeted: ‘The difference is clear. The judge, who gave the verdict of Gyanvapi’s survey, said that an atmosphere of fear has been created, and I’m worried about my family’s security. The protest against the verdict has started. But the judge who reprimanded the petitioner for a petition demanding the opening of 22 rooms of the Taj Mahal has no such concern. That verdict is welcomed’.

Editorial viewpoints

  • This shows the state of law and order in the country !
  • Why do judges feel intimidated if their verdict regarding religious affairs goes against Muslims ? The reason behind this is known to everyone in the country. On the other hand, in Hindu religious cases, even if the verdict is against, the judges are never afraid since they know nothing will happen to them. Will the so-called progressives speak about this ?

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