BJP supporter Muslim gets thrashed by his religious brethren for writing Jai Shriram on Facebook post !

The four-year-old son of this supporter thrown down from height !

House also damaged !

Editorial comment

Hindus are taught that all religions are equal while religious fanatics attack Hindus and even their own religious brethren who support Hindus ! Don’t the secularists notice such things ?  

Bhopal (MP) – Munawwar Ansari, a supporter of BJP’s MLA Rameshwar Sharma wrote Jai Shriram on Sharma’s Facebook post; therefore, he and his wife were beaten up by his religious brethren. They even threw down Ansari’s 4-year-old son from a height and tried to trample him with their feet. The attackers were accusing Ansari to be anti-Muslim. Ansari’s house was also damaged. Police are investigating the matter. MLA Sharma has demanded an inquiry into the incident and necessary action against the concerned.

Ansari’s neighbour Sohail Ahmad read the post and spread the news among his local religious brethren that Ansari was supporting a devout Hindu leader and is betraying his own religion. A plot was then hatched in Rehmat Mosque, located in that area, to teach a lesson to Ansari. Later, 15 accused reached Ansari’s house and thrashed him, challenging him to call Bajrang Dal’s activists to save him.

Ansari said now the accused are threatening him and asking him to leave the area; else it would be made difficult for him to live in that area.

Accusation even against the Police that they went to the attacker’s office instead of reaching the place of incident !

Editorial comment

Despite BJP-led Government in the State if the Police were behaving in such a manner, it is worth wondering who would protect the public ?

Munawwar Ansari’s other son called up the Police and informed them about Munawwar being thrashed. The Police came to the area, but visited Sohail’s office, who is one of the accused,  had tea, etc., and went away, alleged Ansari.

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