Performing spiritual practice is essential to protect ourselves since World War 3 will be far more worse than the previous World Wars (Part 2)

To stay alive during the adverse times, it is necessary to begin on spiritual practice and not just collect equipment and knowledge

The intensity of this destructive period can be reduced if more people start performing spiritual practice !

Paratpar Guru (Dr) Athavale

We remember God when something bad happens to us or when our end is near. At such times normally we say ‘Oh God’. Conversely, if we remember God and begin our spiritual practice before the World War 3, God will remember and protect us when the War breaks out. Then, there will be no need to say ‘Oh God’. Do not just thank God for protecting us; remember to offer gratitude at His Divine feet.

The world is rapidly moving towards a destructive war; numerous Saints at very high spiritual levels are toiling continuously to protect mankind and reduce the severity of the World War. As more people begin to perform spiritual practice, these Saints, postpone the time of the World War through their resolve so that more people get more time to perform spiritual practice and the foundation of their spiritual practice becomes strong.

The duration and severity of the World War will depend on whose efforts are more. If the negative energies are making more effort, the severity of the War will be more. Conversely, if more people begin on spiritual practice, the severity of the severity will be reduced. The duration of World War 3 will depend on the seekers’ faith and devotion unto God. This War is between devotees (those who perform spiritual practice) and negative energies (Unrighteous people); this means the duration and severity of the War can be changed. Spiritual practice can change the destiny of mankind for good !

Mr Sean Clarke

5. Impact of the World War 3

A. Emergency services and Government aid will be non-existent or unable to cope with the extent of the disaster and destruction.

B. 70% of the world’s infrastructure will be destroyed. Most of the main cities worldwide will be completely destroyed.

C. There will be a acute shortage of medical supplies and minimal access to doctors and hospitals.

D. As a result of radioactive fallout on average humans, animals, water bodies and land will remain contaminated. Fallout means the radioactive particles that fall to earth as a result of a nuclear explosion. It consists of weapon debris, fission products and in the case of a ground burst, radiated soil.

E. There will be a scarcity of clean water as a result of radioactive fallout.

F. There will be food shortages for a 10-year period. There will be severe shortages of gasoline for 10 years, thus adversely affecting all forms of motorised transportation. Severe electricity shortages will prevail for 10 years.

G. People will suffer from various mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety and grief.

H. There will be a complete breakdown of law and order, and the need to survive against all odds will bring out the worst in people. Looting, crime and fighting for survival will be the order of the day. The real behaviour of people, good or bad, will emerge during such times of crisis.

I. The impact of this War will last 30 years, and rebuilding will take a 100 years. This duration is relatively short because at that time there will only be half the world’s population left to feed and provide for in terms of various amenities.

The world will be undergoing a paradigm shift and the survivors of World War 3 will be in the middle of a hostile and chaotic environment. They will need to negotiate situations that will test the limits of human endurance and human spirit. What will really help the survivors is to become self-reliant, i.e., learning survival tools and not be dependent on collapsing social systems. Right from very basic things like storing adequate supplies, to having the strength and mental ability to handle various crises, to addressing wider problems like knowing how to handle contamination from radioactive fallout, will hold us in good stead. Every survival tool and piece of knowledge about survival in such times may mean the difference between life and death and will increase our disaster preparedness.

6. Role of India in World War 3

From times immemorial, India has been the spiritual leader of the world. Spiritual research has revealed that in the unfolding battle, India will hold centre stage from the spiritual perspective. Saints of the highest level in India are doing all they can to increase the Sattva (Spiritual purity) component in the world so that it will help reduce the intensity of World War 3. During the War, negative subtle forces will instigate neighbouring countries to attack India to destabilise the pivotal role that it will play. Approximately 50% of the Indian population will perish as a result.

7. Can World War 3 be avoided ?

The short answer to this question is – the World War 3 predictions will come true – though their intensity, timeline and natural disasters may vary. First let’s cover the reason why these catastrophic events cannot be avoided.

The Raja-Tama components (Spiritual impurities) on Earth have risen considerably in the past few decades. This has been due to several factors such as the increased intensity of personality defects in people, a high focus on materialism, lack of spiritual practice (as per Universal spiritual principles) and negative energies in the spiritual dimension affecting and possessing people to act as per their wishes. Whenever Raja-Tama builds up on Earth, it increases the instability in people and the environment. This leads to various undesirable events such as natural disasters, terrorism, wars, etc. This is something like an automatic cleansing process that starts and results in the destruction of people who are Raja-Tama predominant.

The only way to reverse this trend and avoid destruction is to increase the Sattva subtle component in the world and reduce the Raja-Tama subtle components. For this to happen, mankind must make a 180-degree change in their current lifestyles and practise Spirituality as per its 8 basic principles of spiritual practice. Spiritual progress takes place only when we practice Spirituality in accordance with these 8 basic principles.

(Note – Going from many to one; Progressing from gross to subtle; Performing spiritual practice as per the spiritual level or spiritual ability; Offering to God as per the skills or ability; Living as per the Ashrams; Performing spiritual practice relevant to the times)

Religions that preach that their way is the only way to God and try to convert others to their faith by force or lure run the risk of violating the 8 basic principles of spiritual practice, and hence, negate the spiritual efforts of people who follow such practices. In some cases where religions preach violence in society and where people practice such doctrines, they regress spiritually and create adverse severe destiny for themselves. The likelihood of this 180-degree change happening is next to zero, and hence, the World War 3 and the destruction that has been predicted is inevitable.

8. At the individual level, people who survive WW 3 will either be above the 50% spiritual level due to spiritual practice or will have the ability to grow spiritually

9. Who are the positive energies participating in the subtle battle ?

The subtle battle will be fought from 1999-2024. In this battle of good and evil, the forces of good are led by an evolved spiritual guide who is above the spiritual level (Paratpar Guru) of 90% living on Earth. At the start of the battle, only the Paratpar Guru and some seekers were fighting. With time, more and more Saints and seekers are joining the subtle-battle. Spiritually evolved subtle-bodies from the higher positive regions of the Universe will also enter this battle to overcome the forces of evil.

10. Conclusion

We are living in momentous times amidst the changing of an era. This article has not been published with the intention to alarm society, but to alert and caution it with precise World War 3 predictions. Those who are spiritually inclined and are seekers are urged to take the time to understand this article and start or strengthen their spiritual practice.

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