Ban on selling meat only near the temples and not in District : Clarifies Mayor of Ghaziabad

Ghaziabad (UP) – Mayor Asha Sharma had given a written communique saying that during the Navratri there would be no selling of meat, and all such shops will be closed in the District of Ghaziabad. But within 12 hours of this communique, she clarified that this injunction was only for the shops that were near the temples. The media published the wrong message that there was a ban in the entire District, she claimed.

Mayor Sharma said that after getting instructions from the State Government the shops near the temples have been closed. There is no comparison between meat and alcohol. We have no objection to alcohol shops.

 (Reference : Webdunia Hindi)

The shop-owners say such instructions have never been given before. If shops have to be closed then alcohol shops should be closed as well. They are being allowed to remain open.

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