Insensitive statement by Karnataka BJP MLA Arvind Bellad regarding transporting Naveen Shekharappa’s dead body to India

Editorial comment

Ten persons can be evacuated from Ukraine instead of one dead body

Bengaluru (Karnataka) – The Government is trying its best to bring the dead body of Karnataka’s Naveen Shekharappa, the 22-year-old fourth-year student at Kharkiv National Medical University, who lost life in Ukraine recently.

However, in such circumstances, when the war is continuing in that country, it is becoming very difficult to repatriate the living people and the dead body. A dead body occupies more space in the plane. In that much space, 10 people can sit, stated the Karnataka BJP MLA Arvind Bellad, while responding to a reporter’s question on the progress in repatriating Naveen’s dead body.

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