The Govt may give admission to 16,000 Ukraine returned medical students into Indian medical colleges

New Delhi – Indian medical students stranded in Ukraine are being evacuated back to India. The Indian Government is considering admitting these students to medical institutes in India so that their education would not be affected by the Russia-Ukraine war. The Central Government is considering changes in the Foreign Medical Graduate Licensing Regulation (FMGL) Act. The medical commission may take a decision soon.

Apart from completing the course, students studying in foreign medical colleges have to undergo training and internship outside India. MBBS in Ukraine is 6 years and the internship for training is 2 years. Now that the war has hampered their education, the future of thousands of students is in jeopardy. These students are not likely to get admission to Government colleges. Admission to a private and aided college is possible. The infrastructure in Ukraine has been devastated to such an extent that it is not possible to conduct online education.

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