Due to casteism and bribery in medical colleges, intelligent students go to foreign countries for education !

Allegations by the father of Naveen Shekharappa, the student who was killed in Ukraine

Editorial comment

This is shameful for all the ruling parties to date ! This situation will be changed in the Hindu Nation !

Haveri (Karnataka) – Due to the casteism and bribery in the medical colleges in India, students have no option but to go to Ukraine for medical education, alleged Shekharappa Nadagouda, the father of Naveen Shekharappa, who was killed in the air attack of Russia.

Shekharappa Nadagouda further said, “one needs to spend crores of rupees to get a seat in the medical college. Hence, it has become difficult to get medical education in the country. I am upset due to the political system, education system and casteism because everything is in the control of the private institutions. My son had scored 96% in 10th and 97% in 12th Std. He had a dream to become a doctor. Due to the bribery and reservation system, he couldn’t get a seat in the medical colleges. Whereas he was an intelligent student. For getting admission to the college, we need to pay a bribe of 1 to 2 crores. (What can be more shameful for all the ruling parties till now ? Will the Government enquire on this matter and take the required action against the concerned individuals ? – Editor) If one is getting medical education spending lakhs in Ukraine, then why spend crores of rupees in India ? One gets quality education in Ukraine compared to India and there is better equipment as well.

The Indian Ambassadors have not contacted the Indian students in Ukraine ! – Shekharappa Nadagouda

Shekharappa Nadagouda has alleged that no Indian official has contacted any Indian students stuck in Kharkiv till now. A lot of Indian students are stuck in Kharkiv and are living in camps.

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