A college in Vijayapura (Karnataka) refused entry to a Hindu girl student wearing bindi on the forehead

Fear of generating Hijab Issue and a saffron shawl

Editorial comments

  • An action must be taken against those stopping the Hindu schoolgirls in the name of bindi, although there is no such ban in the State.
  • To adore the forehead with bindi is a part of the Hindu culture. Contrarily, the hijab is a part of the malpractice initiated by the Islamic invaders. Both these things cannot be compared with one another. The time has come now to say this firmly.

Vijayapura (Karnataka) – A Hindu schoolgirl wearing bindi on her forehead was stopped from entering the college here and she was asked to rub it off. This objection is being condemned from all over, saying there is no such ban on bindi in schools and colleges, besides in the Hijab Issue also, the High Court has not objected to it, yet why this opposition ?

The girl student reported that the college authority justified by saying, just as the conflict started when, to stop Muslim schoolgirls from wearing hijab, Hindu boys started wearing the saffron colour shawl, similar kind of row will start due to bindi.