Women outnumber men in alcohol and tobacco consumption in Odisha : Statistical conclusion

Editorial comments 

  • Can this be called gender equality ?
  • If the women who should imprint sanskars in their houses are engaged in drinking alcohol then who will imprint sanskars on children ?
  • This is the consequence of the All-Party Governments not imparting education of spiritual practice to the public at large.

New Delhi – The report of the recent survey of the National Family Health Survey Institute in Odisha, states that in the last 5 years the number of women consuming alcohol and tobacco has been on the rise, but that of men has reduced.

 1. As per the report, the women above 15 years in age consuming alcohol and tobacco in 2015-16 was 2.4% but the same in 2020-21 has reached 4.3 %. For men, it was 39.3 % in 2015-16 came down to 28.8% in 2020-21.

2. Men and women above 15 years of age in villages in Odisha consume more alcohol compared to men and women in the cities. In cities, the consumption of alcohol by men was 22.7% but that in the villages was found to be 30.2%. As regards women in villages, it is 4.9 % but in cities 1.4%.

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3. Not only alcohol, but the consumption of tobacco in women also has increased tremendously compared with that in men. In 2015-16, 17.3% of women were tobacco addicts; but as per the report, the same has risen to 26% now.  16.6% of women in cities and 26% of women in villages consume tobacco as per the report. Tobacco consuming men in cities has come down to 51.6% from 55.9%. In villages, the same has decreased to 54.1% from 58.8%. Tobacco consumption in men in cities has come down to 40.5% from 45.3%.

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