Muslim students prevented from wearing hijab to school in Murshidabad (Bengal)

Tension eased after the education department clarified that there was no order in Bengal banning the hijab in school

Editorial Comments

  • Hijab is not allowed in schools. Likewise, religious fanatics, who pelt stones at schools, are not worth living in India, but why do the hypocrite secularists not speak about it ?
  • The miscreants who vandalised the school must be made to pay compensation, and the children of the hooligans should be expelled from the school.

Murshidabad (Bengal) – Muslim students were stopped from wearing burqa and hijab by a teacher at a secondary school in ​​Murshidabad (Bengal). After the students informed their parents, a large crowd of religious fanatics gathered and vandalised the school. The situation was brought under control by the Police after relentless efforts. The Police had to use tear gas shells to control the situation. So far, 18 persons have been arrested in this case.

The Police held a meeting between the school management and the parents of the Muslim students to settle the violence. The dispute settled when it was clarified that no order was issued by the Bengal Government’s education department asking students not to wear hijab.

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