Burqa and Hijab symbolises the insult and atrocities on Muslim women : Taslima Nasreen

New Delhi – I don’t consider covering oneself with a burqa to be right but a symbol of atrocities. The intention behind burqa and hijab (the Muslim women’s attire to cover their neck) is to make the women ‘sexual objects’. These pieces of clothes are a symbol of oppression and atrocities on women. There is nothing great for men as well as women if a woman needs to hide herself from men who get tempted after looking at her, expressed the Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen in an article published on the website of ‘The print’.

Points mentioned by Taslima Nasreen in the article :-

1.When a woman is forced to wear a hijab, I will stand in the favour of throwing it away. Personally, I am against wearing hijab. I think that forcing women to wear hijab is a patriarchal conspiracy.

2.To stop the conflicts on the matter of hijab, Uniform Civil Code and a uniform are essential. The right to religion is not greater than the right to education.

3.Hijab or burqa can never be a choice of a woman. They are compelled to wear it when they are deprived of their rights. Just like political Islam, burqa-hijab is also political today. Members of the family force the woman to wear the burqa-hijab. It is a result of sustained brainwashing from a tender age. Religious apparel like the burqa-hijab can never be a person’s identity, which is created by capabilities and accomplishments.

4.Even after 74 years after the partition, the distance between Hindus and Muslims has not decreased. After separating from India based on religion, Pakistan has become a religious nation but India never wanted to be Pakistan. They could have become a Hindu nation 74 years ago. The Constitution of India promotes secularism, and not religion. The most Hindu populated country India ranks 2nd in the Muslim population. The Indian laws give equal rights to all religions, castes, languages, sects and cultures.